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Project Deliverables


The logo mark uses simple shapes to convey prioritisation and focus. The blue colours work on both light and dark backgrounds and were chosen to give a feel of speed and delight.

Colour palette

The 3 shades of blue have utility in creating hierarchy throughout the brand. The darker shades also include subtle hints of blue tones to keep consistency throughout the designs. The secondary colours are vibrant and can be used to bring attention to key details.


The font 'Eina' was selected due to its clean and geometric aesthetic. It conveys a sense of clarity which was a key characteristic of the brand. The use of a sans-serif helps the brand maintain its cutting-edge reputation.

Brand strategy

The brand strategy workshop helped us identify the key strengths of the client's offering. We then used this to produce a messaging framework that clearly communicates the value generated for the customer.


airfocus wanted to communicate their business's key offerings in a simple and engaging manner. For this we developed a looping animation that visualises all of their main features in a simplified manner.


A clean graphical style was used across the brand. This helped further communicate the software features, whilst conveying a modern and sleek brand.

The Brief

airfocus needed a brand update that would position them as a leading competitor in the digital prioritisation SaaS market.

The Solution

A rebrand that utilised a clean and simple design language with intricate web animations. This approach set airfocus apart as a credible leader in the market.

Website Design

The looping web animation on the home page provides an instant look of professionalism and credibility. It showcases all of the service's key benefits in an eye catching manner. The main title communicates the key benefits that are produced for the customer.

Will Lyons

Marketing Manager at S3

The great work delivered has made a big impact on our business, laying a solid platform on which we can build. We are grateful for the way that you’ve have pushed the boundaries.

Malte Scholz
Founder of airfocus

“The brand workshop was remarkably enjoyable and exactly what we needed. The result was a clearly defined strategic direction and a brand identity that positioned us as a leading productivity platform.”

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