S3 Connected Health

Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


Gotham Rounded’s curved corners lend a warm and friendly feel compared to the strong and authoritative Gotham. The blend of both authority and warmth lent themselves to S3’s professional tone of voice.


The five yellow dots form a positive symbol of connectivity and an abstraction of the medical cross. There is also a repeating pattern of 3s which subtly allude to the company name.

Colour palette

Bright and fresh colours were picked to express the brand's hopeful and positive identity. A subtle gradient is applied to add another dimension to the shapes.


Minimalist icons are used across the brand to help support information and make the content simple to navigate.


Professional photography brings the brand to life. By showing the products in use, customers are able to feel reassured of the quality of the service.


Animations were used across the brand to help convey complex ideas and statistics about the product.

Style guide

Providing a style guide helps align the company internally and ensures that there is continuity across all of the brand designs.

The Brief

S3 Connected Health required a brand refresh that communicates its product's value to customers in a way that inspires positivity and hope.

The Solution

Production of a bright and fresh brand identity, a contemporary website and an animation style that clearly communicates the benefits of the product.

Website Design

To keep continuity with the logo, curves are used throughout the website to divide the sections and mask imagery. Use of professional photography gives the user an insight into the product use and design.

Will Lyons

Marketing Manager at S3

The great work delivered has made a big impact on our business, laying a solid platform on which we can build. We are grateful for the way that you’ve have pushed the boundaries.

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