How to reach $20K per month as a designer
I will help you:
- Fast-track your design skill development
- Win $20,000+ projects
- Position yourself as an expert
- Build a top-tier portfolio (see mine)
- Live where you want in the world
- Choose the hours you work
- Design your ideal life
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What we will cover
The session will give you a clear roadmap to success
Together we will solve the biggest issues you face. These often include:

- Finding high-paying clients
- Improving your client management skills
- Pricing your work
- How to ace the first call with a new client
- Leveling up your design skills
- How to safely leave your 9-5 job
- Providing high-value strategy workshops
- Producing the ultimate website portfolio
- How to run a business from Bali

We’ll spend the time talking about your top 2-3 goals, outlining a strategy, and arranging a tactical action plan to grow or start your one-person design business.

The recording and any resources we create or discuss are yours to keep.
how it works
A coaching method built for maximum impact
We will follow this proven 7 step process to assure your success:
Step 1. Select a time that works for you in my calendar

Step 2. Complete a short survey about your current status and challenges.

Step 3. As a bonus, I will critique your current portfolio site in a Loom video with actionable feedback.

Step 4. We have a 60 minute call where we lay out your roadmap for success.

Step 5. Your next steps and resources are collected and sent to you after the call.

Step 6. A follow up email to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

Step 7. Optional continuation of coaching to further fast-track your success.
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How I can help
Charlie’s areas of competency
Brand Strategy Workshops
Brand Identity Design
One-Person Businesses
Remote Work
Website Design
Webflow Developer
Tech Start-Up Business Strategy
After Effects Animation
Graphic Design Principles
Content Creation
Online Marketing
Client Management
Experience and qualifications
A decade of experience as a brand strategist and web designer for small-mid sized SaaS companies
Regular contributor to Flux Academy YouTube channel to over 500,000+ subscribers
Achieved 6 figures as a one-person design business in 6 months whilst travelling the world
Directly coached and educated 250+ design students globally
Design work featured on, Lapa Ninja, Landbook, Flux Academy and more
Helped 100’s of clients succeed using strategy, identity design and web development
Shillington College design excellence qualified
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A Letter from charlie
Learn from a decade of my experience
10 years ago I dreaded every day I worked at my office job.

I had distant dreams of seeing more of the world, but only 25 days of holiday leave available.

To top it off, my salary was barely keeping me afloat whilst living in London.

I was burnt out, anxious, and unfulfilled. Working for someone else's dream.

Today, I have the freedom to live anywhere I want in the world, whilst building my own dream as a remote designer.

I’m now earning more from one project than I used to get paid in an entire year.

This has given me the foundation to design my life in a way where I can be more grateful, healthy, and present.

I now work when and how I want to, and spend more of this one life doing the things I love.

This transition from being trapped in the 9-5 grind, to being free to design my ideal life has opened my eyes to what is possible when you start a one-person design business.

Being your own boss enables your freedom. And running a remote business gives you the flexibility to live however and wherever you want.

I have seen the profound effect this can have to my quality of life, and I want to help you achieve this too.

One-on-one coaching is the most effective and efficient way to get there.

I will answer your pressing questions and provide personalised strategies for building a one-person design business that enables your ideal life.  

I look forward to meeting you soon.

All the best,
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