Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


The logo refresh modernised the brand and made the logo accessible in all form factors. The mark utilised the negatives space to produce a medical cross.

Colour palette

The colour system seeks to convey the unique approach GAM takes to healthcare measurement. Purposely avoiding blue that is typical for the space, but using colours that convey a sense of trustworthiness and clear thinking


PP Mori produces a tone can be described as confident and serious. This can be encapsulated in 'the ideal bedside manner'.


An elegant and easy to use dashboard design gives the user a way to discover relevant information rapidly. The dashboard utilises the brand colours and styles to create brand continuity.

Graphics & Icons

Custom graphics and icons were produced to help communicate the numerous healthcare metrics covered by GAM.

Web design

A responsive web design was produced for the client that bought together all elements of the brand identity in a modern and professional style. The result was a site that helped GAM convey market leading credibility.

The Brief

GAM required an updated brand identity and product design that positioned them as a healthcare measurement provider you can trust.

The Solution

A top-tier brand identity design that evokes confidence, a website that communicates benefits, and a dashboard that is a delight to use.

Website Design

The web design uses a fresh white backdrop to convey a clean and professional feel. Confidence was conveyed by utilising white space, and a scientific feel was conveyed through detailed typography.

Will Bruhn
Co'Founder of GAM

"Charlie did an excellent job at understanding our brand goals and implementing them quickly. I appreciated that Charlie kept me updated on the whole process either via a quick email check in or a Loom video explanation.

This partnership has effectively redefined GAM's identity, aligning it with our core values of scientific innovation and trustworthiness in the healthcare space."

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