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Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


A subtle adaptation was made to the previous logo making it purely typographic. This emphasises the confidence and professionalism of Revolution AI's brand.

Colour palette

Using purple as the primary colour allowed the brand to feel corporate and professional whilst staying true to the clients background as software developers. The green is used to effectively bring attention to call to action buttons throughout the brand.


The font Aeonik was the perfect blend of technical, professional and modern. The subtle width of the font conveys confidence which matches with Revolution AI's tone of voice.


Professional photography was procured to help bring a human touch to the brand. The images provide a window into the business and the people it constitutes.

Brand strategy

The project began with a brand strategy workshop. This laid the foundation for the designs that followed, and allowed us to clearly define the identity we wanted to convey.

Web design

A responsive web design was produced for the client that bought together all elements of the brand identity in a modern and professional style. The result was a site that helped Revolution AI convey market leading credibility.

The Brief

Revolution AI needed a brand that positioned them as a highly credible professional in the industry. Doing so would instil confidence and be pivotal in closing businesses with high profile clients.

The Solution

A brand identity and web design that balances corporate and innovative aesthetics. Resulting in a brand that communicates professionalism and quality.

Website Design

The web design uses a fresh white backdrop to convey a clean and professional feel. Confidence was conveyed by utilising white space, centred typography, and straightforward copy.

Jonathan Clavet-Grenier
CEO of Revolution AI

Charlie is really the best designer you can get. He pays attention to details, acts professionally, and asks insightful questions that ultimately lead to outstanding designs that match the ethos of the brand.'

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