Brand Attributes





Project Deliverables


The logo mark brings together the T and H of TutorHero in a fun application making the red H resemble a hero's cape. Subtle drop shadow is used to accentuate depth and rounded corners make the logo approachable and appropriate for the younger audience.

Colour palette

The use of purple as one of the primary colours allows for a versatile and inclusive skin tone on the brands' heros. The pink primary colour complements the purple, combining to produce a light and accessible colour palette.


The main brand font 'Cooper' strikes a balance between readability and character with rounded form and serifs.
This font has been paired with 'Apercu' to produce an approachable but modern feel.


Playful illustrations bring the brand to life, making it appealing to both children and adults. Each of TutorHero's tutors has their very own hero that is designed to resemble them.

Brand strategy

The engagement began with a brand strategy workshop. In this session we identified that TutorHero's offering beat the competition in both adaptability and price due to their use of online education technology.

Web design

TutorHero needed a website that would clearly communicate their product's functionality in a modern and approachable style.

The Brief

TutorHero needed a versatile design language that appeals to both parents and children, whilst communicating the technicalities of the online teaching service.

The Solution

A fun and playful design style that uses vector-based illustrations in a hand made style. This approach paired with vibrant colours and clean fonts resulted in a unique combination of modern and youthful design styles.

Website Design

TutorHero prove their product's credibility upfront with reviews, certifications and examples of publications they have appeared in. The use of subtle gradient colours in the background creates a sense of youthfulness in the design.

Will Lyons

Marketing Manager at S3

The great work delivered has made a big impact on our business, laying a solid platform on which we can build. We are grateful for the way that you’ve have pushed the boundaries.

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